Monster Mash Bash

The Man and I had lengthy discussions about the logistics of Vivian’s First Birthday Party. Our house is barely big enough to have our immediate families, and we really wanted to invite some extended family and friends. We settled on a local State Park, which allows you to reserve pavilions. Our friends Lauren and Chris had their engagement party there a few years back, we knew it would be perfect.

I liked the idea of a Monster Theme – not too cutesy, but still fun. I tried not to get too ambitious with the decorations, and mainly focused on one display table, with pictures of Vivian’s first year, a Monster Themed Cake, “Adopt a Monster” favors, and monster cookies made by my extraordinarily talented friend Pitsa.

monster decorations

We kept the food simple – pizza and wings, chips & dip, and fruit and veggie trays. Viv had her own cake to dig into and we had mini cupcakes and other desserts for the guests.


The Man’s brother owns a bounce house and came to set that up for the older kids. We got about a half-hour of bouncing in before the rain came. and came. and came. and came some more. I would guess it rained for 2/3 of the party! Good thing we had that pavilion!

After the second round of rain, we figured it was a good time for cake! It was fair to say that she enjoyed it (and so did I!) It was a great day, but will definitely stick to a lower key party in the future!!



cousins family


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