This Week’s PSA

How many times have you heard someone to remind you to back up your files? seriously? how many?

I have a lovely external hard drive that has EVERYTHING on it. But most importantly, my pictures. Fifteen years of pictures. I won’t even go into the details of how many times I thought “hmmm, I should really back up these files…” and then didn’t.

Well, last week, I went to transfer files from Vivian’s party, birthday, and Meredith’s Baby shower. and The hard drive kept connecting and disconnecting.  So I thought, wow, this is the TIME.

Later that night, I plugged the hard drive in again to transfer all of my files. and NOTHING.

Commence full on panic.  I tried every USB port on my computer. I tried it on every computer conceivably available to me. nothing.  I posted a panicked request on facebook, and after several few desperate moments, my salvation came!

Andrew used to live with my BFF Jess and her hubby Gavin. He’s always been computer savvy (aren’t all former apple store employees?), and miraculously had some kind of port to get my files.  I could try to explain, but I’ll just go with magic. After two hours of wishing and hoping and praying and dreaming, SUCCESS! he was able to recover all of my files. I am now in possession with a new external hard drive with ALL of my files in tact.

I am also currently backing up my desktop and the external hard drive. Lesson learned.

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