Repacking my Hospital Bag – Part 2

Yesterday you heard about how brilliant I was to come up with THE. PERFECT. HOSPITAL. BAG. for my labor and delivery with “Baby Lafe”.  Everyone’s delivery story is different, but here are my thoughts on what I would leave behind if I were to repack the bag(s).


labor bag all-- edit(1) Comfy nursing bras.  Oh yes. Ooooh yes. I wore this pretty puppy through my whole labor, delivery, and post-partum visits.  Super soft and comfortable, incredibly easy access for first time breastfeeding, and most importantly, I felt like myself while in labor.  

(2) Amazon Kindle yeah. Didn’t touch it during the labor or in the few days in the hospital.

(3) iPhone charger. Obviously.

(4) Hairties and bobby pins! I didn’t love having my hair in a ponytail or bun. I felt like it kept getting in the way when I would lay my hair back.  But my stretchy headband was perfect! Kept the hair out of my face, and made me look halfway presentable for the first pictures after Viv arrived.

(5) Tube Sock and Tennis ball.  Nope. Leave it, unless it’s your support person’s idea and they will remember to use it.  In my case, it never came out of the bag.

(6) Yummy lotions.  No massages for me! No one was going NEAR my feet.  The only part of me I wanted rubbed was my lower back.

(7) Birth Plan.  Never even consulted it. I was with it enough to remember what I wanted, The Man was totally aware, and we had a great nurse who kept us updated.  It was more helpful for me to articulate what I wanted ahead of time.  That being said, I’ve heard some people have horror stories at less baby-friendly hospitals, so if you’re in one of those areas, by all means, bring the birth plan!

(8) iPhone portable speaker.  It was only after the delivery was over

(9) Comfy, non-skid socks.  I didn’t think it was necessary to have them.  Once I got in the room, I started getting paranoid that my water would break all over them.  Pick either slippers OR socks.

(10) Bathrobe.  LOVED my bathrobe. I put it on before family came to visit and it was super comfy.  My only recommendation would be to buy a LONG bathrobe – When I was moved from L&D to postpartum (in a wheelchair), the nurse had to grab a towel to put over my legs—it’s not like I was crossing my legs for modesty!

(11) Binsi Skirt.  Yes. Yes yes yes. I wore it all during my labor, and at one point when thigns were getting serious, I just ripped it off with one hand. Perfect.

(12) Soft Slipper Flip-Flops.  Yes please! Wore them when I was walking around the room, and in the hallway. 

(13) Nursing Tanktop.  Didn’t use it—the bathrobe was fine for visitors.

THE POST-PARTUM BAG my bag all -- edit

(1) Muslin Swaddlers.  Leave it. The hospital has plenty of heavy duty swaddlers.  There is something great about having tons of pictures of Viv in the blue and pink striped blankets at the hospital, versus the muslin swaddlers at home.

(2) Nursing Bra.  Not necessary. In fact, I didn’t wear an underwire nursing bra for a month and a half after Viv was born.  It only came out because I had to go to a wedding.

(3) Yoga Capri Pants.  I’m a skirt kind of girl, which is super helpful in the hospital.  There is a lot of checking going on down there during the post-partum stay.  It was uncomfortable enough to move around in those first few days, I can’t imagine having to get out of bed, take my pants off, get back in bed, have my lady parts examined, get out of bed again, put on the pants, and then whatever.  Having a nightgown or skirt on made things 100% easier. Leave ‘em.

(4) Comfy Nursing Tank Top.  Didn’t’ use this one either.  I really wore my nightgown most of the time, with a comfy nursing bra underneath.

(5) Makeup.  Oh I’d pack it again! I didn’t’ put on any makeup during the stay, but did spruce myself up a little before we left the hospital.

(6) Hair Dryer and Hair Straightener. Eh, I would probably bring it again, but only for peace of mind.  Didn’t use it, even for when I left the hospital.

(7) Nursing Pads.  Leave em at home for when you REALLY start leaking through your shirts.

(8) Lanolin.  I didn’t use it in the hospital.  The nips hurt, but they weren’t cracked or sore.  I probably wouldn’t pack it again, and would just wait until I got home.

(9) Boppy.  Whether to bring the boppy was a tough choice. Friends either insisted that I have it, or insisted that I forget it. I’m in the latter camp this time. you have plenty of pillows, and those are easier to position in the very beginning when you have no idea what you’re doing.


They say live and learn, so take what you will from my experience! Although, if I were REALLY to go back and pack my bag, I would probably be too neurotic to listen and would just pack everything and more. The benefit now is that looking at all of the things I would leave out, I bet I could even fit everything into one super bag!

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