Evening the Score

Viv’s been quite outnumbered these days. The Man and I feel like we’re constantly telling her no and re-directing her to non-death-trap activities.  Sure falling headfirst down the stairs and wraping ribbons around her neck seem fun, but alas, we just cannot allow it. She loves the dogs, but they sometimes get bored with the similar non-death-trap activities.  Luke and Lacey would much prefer going into “attack-play” mode.  For example:


So with two adults telling her no, and two dogs trying ever so hard to bait her into their game of attack (with the two parents telling them all no), Viv figured it was time. 


Fotor0913132825 Little Brother or Sister coming in April!

My Darling

Here’s the quick apology to the five people who read here for not posting in a while.  Things have been hectic! I’ll be back soon, I promise!

In the meantime, here is a picture of my 14 month old (!!!) riding the train at Hoffman’s Playland.  It’s very serious business. IMG_6725_web