Murder Mystery!

The only sort of murder mystery I get excited about are super cold-cases. Maybe excited isn’t the right word, but it’s a combination of intrigue and a dash of horror (certainly less horror than with current murder mysteries).
Anyhow, the Capital Region has it’s own murder mystery. A family living in a local suburban/rural area was having work done in their house. Yesterday morning, a construction worker found a bag of old bones hidden in a basement crawl space.
When the local newspaper, the Times Union, reported on it yesterday, there was a hint that it was related to a missing persons case from 1938. Today’s article shines a little more light- apparently police have uncovered a report written by a ninth grader about the missing woman and whose husband returned to his native Germany shortly after her disappearance.  It doesn’t seem like there is much to do with a case like this, but that hasn’t stopped the local police from sifting through other areas of the house.

Has your town ever had a cold-case murder mystery?

UPDATE 10/4/13:
So, no murder mystery after all. The bones were examined and turned out to be animal bones.

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