Jess + Gavin = Baby

Jess and Gavin have chosen to procreate, and their son will be arriving early next year.  In honor of this blessed event, we threw a party! Presents were opened! Food was eaten! Babies were cuddles! Fun was had!



gifts 1

gifts 2

baby love

*as an aside, see that group picture? I went to law school with the three ladies on the right. I found out I was pregnant 5 days before Mary (second from the left) had her little lady. That entire week, I was acutely aware that the four of us were pregnant AT THE SAME TIME!!


Halloween Spooktacular 2013

As you know, my work throws a fun Halloween Party every year for the kiddos. This year, Vivian dressed as a Strawberry (though, I’ve been told it could double as a watermelon costume).  She was loving all of the “pumpks” (toddler speak for pumpkin) and ate her weight in pizza and cheese! A Happy Girl she did make.

Halloween Party Collage

On Halloween Day, Viv spent the day at my parent’s house (like every Thursday).  She even wore her special Halloween outfit from MeMe!IMG_5273_edit

New Image

The Man and I went over there after work.  I had purchased her a parrot costume from Pottery Barn Kids,  only to find that she HATED IT. We tried several times in early September, which is why we got the strawberry backup.  I figured I would try one last time.  We maybe got 3 minutes of indifferent Viv, which quickly turned into “GET THIS OFF ME!”  There’s a nice contrast between the one happy picture, and rest….

Parrot Costume Collage

The strawberry was much more acceptable to Miss Viv. We went trick or treating to two houses in my parent’s neighborhood and then went over to Grandma and Great-Grandma’s house to visit.

Strawberry Collage