Christmas 2013 Recap

Is it me or did Christmas go on FOREVER this year?  Even with the short season between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I felt like the shopping and festivities went on for months!  Could be the pregnancy tired talking, though.

One thing is for sure, Christmas was way way way more fun this year!  Have you ever read that Oatmeal cartoon about the different perspectives of Christmas for ages?  No doubt we’re in the Thirty-somethings with kids category. “Christmas for 30+ with kids = pretty damn awesome”

We started out spending Christmas Eve with the Man’s family, and Viv LOVED seeing all of her cousins.


She was a little tired from sitting through Mass, (oh wait. that was us. from chasing her around the halls during Mass. As always.) but cheered right up when there were presents to be opened!

xmas eve collage

Christmas Day was a day to Relax.  The Man, Viv, the pups and I stayed home. I’m proud to say we did not get out of our pajamas all day! It was glorious!


Viv loved opening her presents. Both the ripping and the the presents.

Christmas morning collage

As expected, she went just about ballistic when she opened her Doc McStuffins doll. Just a preview of Christmases to come, I hope!

After dinner (ham, potatoes, brussel sprouts) and Viv bedtime, The Man and I watched It’s a Wonderful Life.  Which luckily was available in full on YouTube– who knew?

We spent the day after Christmas with my parents (since my Dad worked on Christmas).  Viv got another new Baby and a crib– so now all three of her babies have a place to sleep a night.  (And boy, do they. she puts them all to bed, covers them with a blanket and tells us “shhhhh” when the lights go out).

xmas again collageA great Christmas indeed. But Wait! I”m not done! ON the 27th, my parent’s next door neighbors had all of the neighbors over for Christmas Brunch. For as long as I can remember, we’ve spent Christmas with my neighbors.  This was the first in recent memory where the celebration wasn’t ON Christmas, but it was just a nice.

Their granddaughter Isabella was born 4 days before Viv, and they’ve had a lot of fun playing together when they come to visit.  (like when they were infants, and babies)

Watching them run around, give kisses and hide under tables was GREAT.

photo 1 photo 2Viv and Isabella would say their favorite part was pressing all of the buttons on those singing Hallmark snowmen.

(like this. all together. all the time.)

We knew Viv took a liking to her friend.  She picks out pictures of babies anywhere, and simply calls them “baby”.  But with Isabella, she points, smiles and says “La-Le-Lellalala” I promise to post the cute as soon as I can capture it on video.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. We loved our last Christmas as a family of 3 people and two dogs. Only 51 weeks to go until Baby L’s first Christmas!!


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