Pregnancy 1 versus Pregnancy 2

**I started this post before Monday’s scare, and was just waiting to upload the most recent belly pic. Definitely not feeling quite as light hearted, even though everything turned out quite fine**

Now that I’m in my third trimester (!!!!), I’ve taken a look back on how this pregnancy has compared to my pregnancy with Viv.

The first main difference was morning sickness.  I felt just as sick this time around (moderate nausea, occasional vomiting), but it hit me a lot harder.  First, I had a baby to chase around.  But more significantly was that my “morning” sickness with this pregnancy began around 1pm and continued through the night.  With Viv, I woke up feeling awful, but would gradually feel better throughout the day. It was really hard this time to know the day was just going to get worse, especially when I was cooking (or smelling) dinner at night.

By 12 weeks, my morning sickness was mainly gone.  I had a few occasional nauseated feelings, but was getting my appetite back.  And thus began the belly pictures*.

I absolutely started showing earlier this time.  I attribute that to the fact that my uterus had already been stretched to the max, and not at all having to do with the fact that I hadn’t lost all of my “pregnancy” weight from Viv. Surely it had nothing to do with the fact that I wasn’t exercising regularly either….

12 week compare

12 Weeks on Christmas Day 2011 (with no belly whatsoever!) versus 12 Weeks on September 20, 2013


By 16 Weeks, my stomach started to feel more solid, but I still was popping out more than I had with Viv.

16 week compare

16 Weeks on January 22, 2011 versus 16 Weeks on October 18, 2013.


By 20 Weeks, I was feeling and looking Pregnant.  People who I hadn’t told were clearly in the “know” now.  We had our mid-term ultrasound, and all looks fine and dandy. We didn’t find out whether we’re expecting a girl or boy (we didn’t find out with Viv either), so there is a whole other level to this belly comparison.

20 Week Compare

19+ Weeks on February 16, 2011 (and dressed up for a work party) versus 20 weeks+ on November 17, 2013.


I hit the 6 month a few weeks before Christmas.  The belly picture with Viv was the first I shared on social media.  I purposefully wore the same shirt for the 6 month picture with this kiddo.  I don’t see much of a difference in belly size and shape! A little sister for Viv, perhaps? only Time will tell!

2324 Week compare

24 Weeks on March 18, 2012, versus 24 weeks on December 13, 2013.


28 W compare

28 Weeks on April 15, 2012, versus 28 Weeks, 4 Days on January 14, 2014.


At this point, the only “medical” difference in this pregnancy has been the baby’s heart rate: Viv’s was consistently high, in the high 160’s or low 170’s.  This baby’s heart rate runs in the 140’s every time.  So to counter the belly-image deduction that there’s a little girl cooking in there, Old Wives tell me that a low heart rate means a little boy!  It’ll be quite the guessing game until April.

* I’ve been doing the same for ultrasound pictures, because why not start the “lets compare the little sibling to its older sister” now!? But since I’m not keen on showing off pictures of my uterus, despite its adorable contents, those won’t be shared online :)



Labor and Delivery: part too early


This weekend was a foul weekend. Just basically awful. I was in the worst of moods all day Saturday, was even more angry and upset Sunday, and was raging against everything and everyone.

That, unfortunately, did not change yesterday morning.  The Man headed in to work early for a meeting, and my patience was worn so thin.  I was rushing to get Viv ready to go to my mother in law’s house, so I could catch up on work at the office (the office was closed, but nothing like a quiet day to get 10x more work done).  We left the house at 8:10 or so. I’m normally so mindful of snow and ice, especially being as pregnant as I am.  But yesterday, I was too irritable, too hurried, and too frustrated to take the extra few minutes to bring my bags out to the car before carrying Viv out.  So with Viv in my left arm, and her diaper bag, my purse, and my lunch bag in my right arm, I walked 15 feet to my car, and BAM.  I stepped off the curb, lost my footing, and my feet fell out right in front of me, my butt hit the curb, and Viv landed on my stomach.  Cue immediate sobbing from both of us.  Viv calmed down relatively quickly, and seemed more distressed that she was covered in snow (“nooo! nooo!” = “snow! snow!”).

After I composed myself, I got Viv and myself into the car and proceeded over to my mother in law’s house. My sister-in-law was dropping off our niece at the same time, so I let her and my mother in law know the scoop, before I headed off to my doctor’s office.  I called on my way (knowing the office opened right at 8:30), and left a message telling what happened and that I was coming.

Once I arrived, i was checked in pretty quickly, then tracked down only to be told that heeey, actually you should just go to the hospital. Fun fact:  any time a woman has a fall or abdominal trauma after her fetus is past the point of viability (22 Weeks), straight to labor and delivery for continuous fetal monitoring for 6 – 8 hours! The concern at that point is a placental abruption, which is when the placenta comes detached from the uterus.

cue panic.

I went straight to Labor and Delivery at the hospital down the street (where I delivered Viv, and where I plan to deliver this kid), and was put in a room for observation. It was very reminiscent of my trip in to deliver Viv (absent contractions, thank Goodness): gown, belly band, monitors, paperwork.  Right after I was hooked up, I could tell that baby’s heartrate was super perfect and strong. I could feel him/her kicking lick crazy, even kicking the (truly fantastic) nurse when she was placing the monitors on my stomach.  After a while, I saw that the monitor wasn’t showing any contractions (a very good sign).

The Man arrived shortly thereafter, and sat with me while we waited for enough data to be collected so that the doctor could give us an opinion. By 10:45 am or so, the doctor told us everything was looking perfectly fine, and that if I kept going at that rate, I would be allowed to go home around 2 pm.  That’s when The Man and I were able to relax a little bit.  Our spirits started rising again, and we were entertained by the alien like punching of Baby Lafe, which we could clearly see given my angle on the bed.

Let’s Make a Deal, the Price is Right, two episodes of Bones, and very scary discharge instructions later, we were on our way home, still quite stunned, but VERY grateful that no harm had been done.  I’m feeling stiff today and my hips are much more achy than normal, but that’s a very small price to pay for a healthy 29 W 3D baby safe and warm on the inside.

PS I should note that BOY BOY BOY BOY BOY was running through my mind the entire time I was in the hospital. We’ll see in a couple of months whether that instinct was right!

PPS Obv that picture was taken after we knew all was well and good with the world. and while I was feeling very antsy and uncomfortable and sad about sitting in a hospital gown.