Visit from Harper

Remember about this time last year when my cousin Betsy came to visit with her new baby Harper?

Well, they came back this weekend! Betsy is pregnant with her second and due only 7 weeks after Baby Lafe is due.

We had a busy busy day. And naturally viv didn’t have a good nap after swim lessons. She held her own and was as active as ever!

We headed to the NYS Museum, where they have a ton of great exhibits on animals (which of course the kids love) and a toddler hands-on playroom. You may recall that we’ve been there before….

But by far the hit of the Museum is the antique carousel. Harper had never been on a carousel before and LOVED it! We were even able to try out our new double stroller!

As soon as we got back to my parents’ house, Viv and Harper both took solid naps. A perfect refresher for a delicious dinner!

Here is a photo dump for you










Now off to bed to get plenty of rest to do it again tomorrow!

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