Baby Transportation, Round 2

Came back, did you?  Yesterday I overviewed the intense, stressful, and expensive process of purchasing a stroller for our first child.  Not once. NOT ONCE did it occur to us to consider the likely possibility of us having another kid in the not too distant future.  So when young Miss Vivian was exactly one year and twenty-two days old when we found out we were expecting again, my mind almost immediately turned to MORE THINGS THAT WE NEED!

Viv is still very much a stroller user. While she loves to walk anywhere and everywhere, she is pretty agreeable to rides in the stroller for walks and at the mall.  Since she would be about 21 months (that’s 1 year 3/4 in non-parent speak) when Baby Lafe #2 arrived, we knew we would be looking at a stroller built for two.

Thankfully, the universe for double strollers is much more limited than that for single strollers, so our options were narrowed.
side by side or tandem
First step was to decide which version of the double stroller we wanted.  The Side-by-Side is pretty self-explanatory: Two seats sitting side by side.  Some SxS have attachments for car seats, but most are focused towards what I think of as the twin set: two kids about the same age/weight sitting side by side.  I was a little concerned about weight distribution in the SxS strollers – would one side be harder to steer with a heavy car seat attached? Would it tip over if I let go?  Mind you, I have no real basis for thinking this way (I never took physics), but the thought enough left me dismissing the SxS for now.  The other major downside I saw for SxS was the width.  As I said yesterday, we use the stroller mainly for mall trips and walking on sidewalks.  Our sidewalks are narrow enough, and forget trying to navigate the mall with a stroller that’s twice the size of what you’re used to.  It may be something we’ll consider for the future, but for now, no Side by Side.
The Tandem was the other option, which allows for front and back seating.  The major downside is that the kid in the back doesn’t get a great view of what’s going on.  Not a major issue when the baby is in an attached carseat, but as the kids get older, both will want a view.
Sit and Stand or Convertible

After narrowing it down to a Tandem stroller, we started looking at different versions.  One of the more popular types (from what I can tell) is the Sit and Stand.  The idea is fairly straight forward: one kid is strapped in the front, and the other (older) child has a little ledge seat where they can sit unrestrained (or stand, if they want). Joovy makes a great version which allows you to buy a second detachable seat to limit the “I have an unrestrained toddler on my hands” anxiety.  I have a friend who owned Graco Room to Grow version.  Fair to say that most of the major brands have their own version of the sit n stand.

The other option for us was a convertible double stroller, which tend to run on the pricer side. The idea is that you buy one stroller that can later be converted to a double (or triple) stroller. UM HI THIS IS THE KIND OF STROLLER I IGNORED THE FIRST TIME BECAUSE TOO MUCH FOCUS ON ONE CHILD!   Britax has a nice one called the B-Ready, and ………..
But my heart had been won.  I saw a family in L.L. Bean one night- they had a young toddler around Viv’s age and a brand new baby in a beautiful double stroller. and Low and Behold, it was made by Baby Jogger, the same brand of the Jogger we use and love!  We test drove it at Buy Buy Baby soon after and were sold.

The City Select is a single stroller, with all of these options available.  First is the attachment for the car seat (which we had for our Jogger).  Second is the adaptor to make it into a double stroller.  And Third was a second seat for when both kids are out of car seats.  You can also buy a glider board that attaches to the back for that “Stand” feature for older (or a third) kid!  Yes, it’s pricey.  But we were able to find a set which included the single stroller (mrsp $499.99), the double adapter ($19.99), and the second seat ($169.99), for the price of just the single stroller at Buy Buy Baby!  Viv and I have test driven it at the mall as a single, and when my cousin came to visit a few weeks back, we had success with it as a double seater at the museum!


Best part so far: the storage! There was limited storage in the jogger (obviously), and it is great to be able to stuff all of our gear and jackets in the bottom. I imagine it will be tighter with two kids’ gear, but I’ll take what I can get!

Stat tuned to see how we do when baby Lafe arrives next month!!

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