Baby boys

My college roommate’s son was born 26 days after Cal! They’re totally going to be BFFs (or the man equivalent of that).


B so wisely pointed out that they’re slumped leaning was foreshadowing their drunk college days!


Next plan is to head down for a visit this summer so viv and her daughter can play, the dad’s can chase the kids, and we can relax in the pool!!

Baby Esquire Photo Shoot

On Cal’s one week birthday, we headed over to my parent’s house for newborn pictures! they have a large room with tons of windows, which was perfect for a natural light photosession.

So why is Viv so sweaty, you ask? Well first, she was running around the backyard with “Pop Pop” and my parent’s dog Lily for a while before her pictures were taken.  But even more significantly, the tempature of the house was 75 degrees! We had to turn the heat up high to make sure Cal would sleep soundly, especially because he was naked (or close to) for the 3+ hour session!

Also of interest was that I was pooped and peed on twice. I was very happy I brought a change of clothes!

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Thanks to Rachel Christiansen Photography for the beautiful photographs!

Calvin’s Hospital Photo Shoot

When Viv was born, the nurses took a few shots of her in the nursery which were available for purchase at Mom365.  I wasn’t wowed by them, since she looked a little like an alien. Long story short, we never purchased any.

Not even two years later, the whole system changed. The very day Cal was born, a photographer from Mom365 came to the room to take a few newborn pictures.  While they are no means stellar, it was really nice to have a few posed pictures of him in the hospital. Being the hormonal ball of love that I was that morning, I obviously purchased them all haha.


hospital pics

hospital collage 2


Cal’s “real” newborn photo shoot with Rachel Christensen Photography took place on April 3rd – stay tuned!