Sacrifice for Health

What kid is good with shots? I challenge you to name one.  But Vivian has never been terrible with shots.  Most of the time she’s more angry than sad, and the only tears we’ve seen was with her most recent set of shots at her 1 year checkup.

It was at that checkup that our lovely family practitioner, Dr. B, advised that we have Vivian’s blood levels tested for lead. (Our house was built in 1890…. so… yeah).  I don’t know if it is my own avoidance of blood work, but I completely blocked that task out.  It was only until I received prental bloodwork last week did I realize Vivian was due for her own. (I actually had a discussion with the phlebotomist* about WHY IN THE WORLD LITTLE KIDS NEED BLOODWORK – other than if they were seriously ill. She told me to test for lead, and a light went off. But I digress)

So today I was cleaning out my wallet and found the prescription burried in a small compartment. Knowing her 15 month visit is coming up in a few weeks, and that the Man had a flexible schedule today, I quickly made the latest appointment they had, and headed over.  Less time to dread it, right?

I wasn’t sure what to expect – some coworkers thought it was a true blood draw, others thought it might be a prick.  and the internet wasn’t clear (surprise!). 

Vivian was in a SUPER mood today. Happy, laughing, playing.  When she was up, I was asked to sit in the chair with her on my lap. I was instructed to “bear hug” her, while another nurse would hold down her arm.  So true blood draw it is…. As soon as they put that rubber tuniquette on her upper arm, she started to panic.  But when they put the needle in, oh Lord, did she cry. and not a mad scream, but true sad horrible tears and sobs. I was trying to talk to her and calm her down, but I know that was more for my sake than for hers.

It was over in less than a minute (the longest minute EVER), and for a good 15 minutes afterwards, she was holding her arm out to the side to remind us the horrors we subjected her to.  I swear, she would calm down for a second, and then look back at the gauze taped on her arm, and start crying all over again. 

Thankfully, the labratory was near a TCBY, so we grabbed some frozen yogurt as a treat. A little vanilla yogurt, blueberries, butterfinger and hot fudge DID THE TRICK. she was bouncing and happy in now time.

I’m told this didn’t last the rest of the afternoon during her and The Man’s shopping trip.  But at least those big fat tears and that deep sobbing was left behind.

* I had to look that word up. Otherwise it would have been “the lady who ever so gently draws my blood)

NaBloPoMo October 2013


Fancy Tricks

In honor of her 15 month birthday, Vivian has decided to show you all of her tricks*.


 * yes, we call them tricks. listen, we were dog owners long before we were parents, so old habits die hard!


P.S.  Today is the first day of NaBloPoMo October 2013! Remember when I did that last year?  Be warned, we’re going to be heavy on the pictures and videos this month, but isn’t that what you’re all here for anyway?

NaBloPoMo October 2013

Evening the Score

Viv’s been quite outnumbered these days. The Man and I feel like we’re constantly telling her no and re-directing her to non-death-trap activities.  Sure falling headfirst down the stairs and wraping ribbons around her neck seem fun, but alas, we just cannot allow it. She loves the dogs, but they sometimes get bored with the similar non-death-trap activities.  Luke and Lacey would much prefer going into “attack-play” mode.  For example:


So with two adults telling her no, and two dogs trying ever so hard to bait her into their game of attack (with the two parents telling them all no), Viv figured it was time. 


Fotor0913132825 Little Brother or Sister coming in April!

Renewed (and New) Friendships

from buzzfeed

When I was secret pregnant with Viv, I got a facebook friend request from an old college friend.  We both worked on the college crisis hotline, Middle Earth, and spent countless hours together in that living room waiting for the chronic callers to keep us busy.  Although she is a year younger than me, she graduated a semester early (one semester after I did).

During a transitional time, she moved into the same apartment complex as me, so we were able to see each other occasionally.  But as things go, we lost touch.

Only a few weeks after our new facebook friendship, she announced she was pregnant with her first baby! I did some calculations and realized her due date would be a little over a month before mine.

Once I announced my pregnancy, we started exchanging ideas, complaints, and excitements. When I saw she registered, I figured I had about a month to get my act together and do that.  The list goes on and on (birthing classes, ordering the crib, etc).

Her due date came and went, and she delivered a beautiful daughter about two weeks later.  And then I delivered Miss Viv a week early.  For those mathematicians out there, the girls are 13 days apart!


Seeing her over our maternity leaves really kept me sane. well, relatively sane.  We got lunch and talked for hours. She introduced me to a music class for babies, and I brought her to a baby wearing meeting to learn how to use our various baby carriers.

It’s harder to get together since we’ve returned to work, but those times are so worth it. it’s amazing to see how big her daughter has gotten, and I can’t wait until Viv and her start really interacting.

In Early May, she invited us to Indian Ladder Farm’s baby animal day! the girls got to see some cute animals (and Viv inadvertently tried to kill a a baby chick), and then played in the grass!


yippee for old and new friends!!


A Busy April

April was great and busy and frustrating and delightful. Did I mention Busy?

Work brought me out to Elmira earlier in the month, so me, my Dad, and Vivian stayed with my grandparents Mema and Pop Pop (GG and Great Pop to Vivian). 

elmira collage 1

Vivian also got up close and personal with their cat Perry.  Mitty (Or Mitty the evil Kitty, as she is known), stayed far away!

As wonderful as it is to see my parents and The Man’s mom with Viv, it is a thousand times more delightful to watch her great-grandparents fawn over her. It is so special to me to see them together, since I have such great memories of my great-grandmothers.

elmira collage 2 IMG_5894 

Later that week, my cousin Betsy (Liz, to some), came to visit with her 10 week old baby Harper! I loved seeing Viv next to her – she was fascinated by this little baby, and laughed at her constantly! It was so awesome to see how much Vivian has grown since last summer, and to know that in a few short months, these two will be playing together at the Lake.

harper collage

Two weekends later, we celebrated my Dad’s Birthday.  Just dinner, cake, and Ice cream at my parent’s house; restaurant dinners are tough with the Vivster.Viv helped my dad blow out the candles, and inspected each and every gift to make sure it was suitable for Pop Pop’s consumption.  Pop Pop (and Luke, as you can see) were very excited about Vivian’s gift! dad bday collage 1

It had been a while since all of us were together, so we made sure to snap some pictures!


The Man, Me, Viv, Mom/MeMe, Uncle Dan, and Dad/Pop Pop


Same as above, with Dan’s squeeze, Sara



Slip in some Jumping, some Crawling, and some Swinging, and you can tell we had a crazy month!

It was a crazy April, and May isn’t looking much less hectic! Wish us luck :)

March smarch

I am really not a fan of March.  so instead of excusing my absence (I hate when bloggers do that), I shall just show you what I did in March.