Farewell 2013

Last Year, I said farewell to 2012 through my favorite pictures.

Once again, I have chosen one picture from each month, with an explanation about why each is significant. I should note that most are “favorites” for the memories they stir up, not for composition. By far the best part about this project is combing through all of the pictures I’ve taken over the last year.  I lost track of so many of them!  Enjoy!




The Man and I spent a night away in Lake George for our 5th Anniversary. It was sorely needed – one of our first date nights since Viv was born.


What I loved about the 6-9 month stage was the cuddle-nap times. Viv LOVED taking snoozes in our bed, and I was not one to say no.



Excuse my barefooted baby outside in the end of March, but it was pretty warm those days.



I had a Court appearance for work in Elmira, where my parents are from, and where my grandparents still live.  So my Dad came with me and Viv, so she could spend some time with her great-grandparents while I worked. This was one of the outtakes of the family pictures we took. I love how my Pop Pop is playing with Viv and how Mema is smiling, looking on.



Ok. hear me out.  I went to the bank one day and got this $20 from the ATM.  I laughed. and laughed. and laughed and laughed.  I hadn’t laughed at something so stupid and silly in a long time and it felt amazing.  And no. I didn’t call (though I was tempted…)



BIRTHDAY PARTY CAKE FACE! what more could be said?  Except the fact that we really weren’t equipped to clean that up….



Baby #2 is coming! I had been feeling off, so when I came home from work hopped up on baby fumes from reading all about the new baby Prince George, I figured why not? Good to know I’m in tune with my body! ha



Another week at Keuka Lake.  Our families didn’t know we were expecting again, though in retrospect, they all wondered why I would take 3 hour naps with Viv in the middle of the day.  Thankfully I hadn’t started to feel sick yet – just tired.



Around when Viv turned 14 months, she started really playing with Luke and Lacey. before, she was a little unstable crawling and walking, and they didn’t love the sudden movements. and the ear pulling.  This is when she started to get “gentle” and the pups loved it.


andria rob's wedding

My friends Andria and Rob got married. There was a photobooth. That’s all I have to say about that.



I took this with my iPhone while Viv and Lacey were cuddling/playing in her bedroom.  Can you tell that they were not pleased with my requests that they look at me for a picture?



Christmas morning. I can’t get over that look of utter amazement.  She was either yelling “DOC” or “WOW”. Either way, it’s pretty awesome.


Thanks for stopping by today! Have a safe and Happy New Year! See you in 2014!














What we’ve been doing

heeeeeeeeeeeeey there! long time, no chat.  I’m finalizing Vivian’s 11 month post, and it should be up soon.  I think I’m in denial that she’s three weeks from her first birthday. WHATTTT.


so anyway, we’ve been up to a lot lately.  so I’m just going to show you a lot of pictures, cause, isn’t that what we’re all for here anyway?


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March smarch

I am really not a fan of March.  so instead of excusing my absence (I hate when bloggers do that), I shall just show you what I did in March.


My sweet Valentine

The Man and I don’t generally observe Valentine’s day*.  Since 2010, Lukey-loo has been my faithful Valentine, and Lacey devotes her heart to the Man.+  This year Lacey has to share, since Vivian asked her Daddy to be her Valentine!




*For an example of how we observe Valentine’s Day, go to the link The Man texted me this morning.

+ in 2009, our first Valentine’s day together, Luke and Lacey were each other’s Valentinesvalentines pups 2009 edit

Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper

Yesterday, I had to drop by the mall to return a shirt that I had ordered online.  By the time I got out of there, it was 6:20, and I knew I wouldn’t have much time to see Viv before she went to bed.

I took the quickest route home, which in this case, didn’t involve much highway.  I was traveling along a stretch of road that comes from a large town to my small city when a little animal ran in front of my car.  I slammed on the breaks, and saw a golden long hair chihuahua-mix running on the side of the road.  While it was by no means a busy road, it is well-traveled, and not well-lit.  I did a few U-turns, trying to coax the dog to me, but it always darted in the other direction.  My high beams got a work out from me flashing all of the other cars to slow the hell down!

I watched it dash back and forth a few times, and my heart kept bursting.  Luke and Lacey have gotten out before, and while they have never been “lost”, it is a terrifying experience to have your dog running away from you.

I finally drove ahead of the dog, and pulled my car to a dead-end area where the dog was running to. The road extension runs up against a huge stone wall, and now the dog was running along the wall.  It’s obviously terrified, and started huddling in this small corner in the snow. 

I kept my distance for a bit, and tried to get the dog to come to me. no dice.  When i started to approach, it darted for a white picket fence. and tried to go through it. and got stuck.  So here I am, in a skirt, nylons, and high heels, feeling terrible b/c not only did I almost hit this dog, I have now cornered it in an attempt to save him, and now he’s stuck in a fence!

After a little pulling (and growling from him – great!), I was able to free him.  I scooped him up in my arms, and ooooh the cute! He was a chunky dog, so I knew he couldn’t be a stray (I figured this out when I got a little closer– he was well-groomed too).

I popped him in the back of my car, and he nestled right on the seat, happy as a clam.  I pulled up to our house, called the Man, and figured out a strategy.  He would put our dogs outside, and I would come in and put the dog in the bathroom.

Shortly after I came home, we called the police station non-emergency line to tell them what was going on. In our experience, the local shelters close at night, so calling animal control isn’t as practical. The Man talked to the police dispatcher, who said that someone did recently call in about a missing dog.  The description sounded similar, so we gave the police our address, and were told we would hear back.

Meanwhile, our dogs are back in the house, completely oblivious to the intruder in their house! The dog was cowering the bathroom between the tub and sink (door closed, obviously). I happened to go outside to get my purse, etc. out, see a car pull up, and a very worried man step out. we looked at each other, and he said “the dog?!”

My heart started to burst I was so happy! I told him I would be right out with him, grabbed the munchkin, and brought him outside to a VERY relieved mommy and daddy! His name was Cooper. Cooper’s mom offered us money, which we obviously refused.  We told them how we’re dog lovers, and if something like this ever happened to our pups, we’d be devastated. And then me and Cooper’s mommy hugged. haha

I felt like I was floating on air the rest of the night.  I was so thankful that all of the random deviations in my schedule (the mall, the road travelled) helped me not only make someone else happy, but to make me feel happy as well.

Thanks for visiting with us Cooper!