Farewell 2012!

Robin over at Farewell Stranger has invited the blogging community to say farewell to 2012 through their favorite pictures.

I have chosen one picture from each month, with an explanation about why each is significant. I should note that most are “favorites” for the memories they stir up, not for composition. It was so so hard to pick the best moments of 2012, but I loved having the chance to revisit some photos and memories that had slipped my mind.  Enjoy!



January 2012

These are my dear friends Jess and Gavin holding our other friends Molly and Sam’s daughter Liddy. A large group of us decided to go to an Albany Devils Hockey game, and got group seating right on the ice. Liddy was the first baby of our law school friends, and everyone had to take a turn cuddling her. I love how the happy face Jess is making as she looks at Liddy.  And Gavin’s facial expression is his trademark.


February 2012

Luke and Lacey are my heart. Even though they have managed to ruin almost every piece of furniture in our house, we still can’t resist having them lie on the sofa with (or without) us. They’re the best of friends.


March 2012

When I was 6 months along, I finally felt pregnant enough to jutify parking in expetant mother’s spots at Buy Buy Baby, but not too pregnant to be uncomfortable. It was glorious.


April 2012

Every night, Luke would lie next to me on the sofa, and put his head on my stomach.  I think he heard the baby’s heatbeat. Please also note Lacey’s photobomb.


May 2012

What Baby Lafe’s room looked like mere moments after unloading the gifts from our first baby shower. I thought baby had a lot of stuff then, but that’s nothing compared to now!

June 2012

In June, I was tired, big, and my pants were feeling tight. I had an apperance at Albany County Supreme Court for a very long settlement conference with another attorney from my office. I stopped in the bathroom, and saw this taped to the mirror. It was a lovely surprise.


July 2012

Miss Vivian Eleanor’s first day with us. We had just moved from the delivery room to our postpartum room, and took this picture of her as she was lying on my chest, skin to skin. My heart bursts just thinking of her little breaths and fluttering eyelids.


August 2012

We spent a few days at Keuka Lake with family.  Vivian was just beginning to sleep through the night, and we had begun to figure each other out.  I look at this picture and remember it as such a very happy time. But it was also the beginning of a difficult time.


September 2012

Viv and my first sleepover without The Man. We went to Rochester for my cousin’s wedding, and The Man followed the next morning. Viv and I were playing in the hotel room and I captured this picture of us on my iphone. I remember being amazed at how big she looked, and now I can’t believe she was ever that small!


October 2012

Candid pictures are my favorite.  I so rarely have candid pictures of myself, since I’m usually behind the camera.   The look of joy on The Man and my faces says it all.  Vivian was quiet and peaceful during her baptism, and Father Yanas was beaming when he welcomed her into the Church.

November 2012








I was getting Vivian dressed to go to Grandma’s for the day, and had to set her down on the cocktail table to get her hat on.  Luke and Lacey hopped over and started sniffing her “new” hat. Her face totally captures what I imagine her thinking: “what the….”



My sweet darling on Christmas. December was a hard month for me. There were so many beautiful pictures of Vivian from December, but when I see many, I remember how broken I felt.  Christmas was joyful and wonderful and happy. The look of wonder on her face brings me peace.



What a whirlwind 2012 was. The highs were the highest, and with that, the lows were the lowest.  I am going into 2013 with new goals, strategies, and a heart fuller than it has ever been.  Here’s to the next year!




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The littlest Catholic

The Man grew up in a faithful Catholic family.  I am also Catholic, and attended Mass weekly growing up, but The Man was much more involved in his parish community.  He was an alter boy, went to the accompanying school, and worked for the parish in high school.

We married in my hometown Church, but after we were married, really couldn’t find a great spiritual home. Admittedly, we lapsed with our search, merely attending Mass a few times a year. But once I found out I was pregnant, we decided that jumping from Church to Church wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

So we returned to The Man’s childhood church, Sacred Heart.  Father Vaughn, The Man’s minister for his whole life, is now the pastor emeritus, and conducts Mass occasionally   Father Yanas was the youth pastor when The Man was younger, and returned to Sacred Heart five or so years ago after ministering to another parish.

When Vivian was two weeks old, we began bringing her to Sacred Heart on a regular basis. I started recognizing familiar faces, and for the first time in a long time, started to feel like I belonged in a Parish.

A few days before her baptism, we attended a small religious education course with Father Yanas in the rectory.  Only one other couple was in attendance.  We discussed the origins of baptism, symbolism, secular and religious rituals, and the significance of the baptismal rite.  I truly enjoyed speaking closely with Father, since I only really knew him from afar. He was kind, intelligent  and worldly  and I will admit, that I felt a little warm and fuzzy when he clearly recognized that The Man and I attended Mass every week.  We chatted about our families (he knows The Man’s well), and the need for young persons to Witness at Church.  It really got me excited for what was to come on Sunday.

Mass was held at 11:15 am, and was said in memory of Vivian’s great-grandparents Doris Holleran and John Gregaydis. The baptism followed the mass, and was a little overwhelming, simply because of the volume of people.  Vivian was by far the youngest kiddo in the group of three girls being baptized  She received her rites first, in the beautiful baptismal gown made from my grandmother’s wedding dress. Besides a few babbles, she was perfect! As soon as the water hit her head, she went quiet and looked around.  It was truly one of the happiest moments I’ve had in a long time.


Welcome little Catholic. God loves you so much.


Vivian and her cousins

Godparents Todd and Michelle

The Man’s Family

The Lady’s Family

Cousin (and best babysitter ever) Caitlin