The Twelve Songs of Christmas

A few weeks ago while driving home from one event or another, The Man made an excellent point about Christmas music on the radio: that it is comforting to know every song that’s one, even if you don’t particularly like it.

And while neither of us hates any particular song*, we differ in our Christmas musical tastes.  We both like the classics – – basically anything Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, or the Carpenters.  But that is where the similarities end.

The Man loves the kitschy music: Feliz Navidad, Dominic the Italian Christmas Donkey, Frosty the Snowman, I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas and the like. Sure, those songs are fun, but nothing quite gets me in the Christmas Spirit more than what I like to call Contemporary Niche Christmas Music.

So without further adieu, I present The Twelve Songs of LiveLafeLove Christmas:

12. My Only Wish (This Year) – Britney Spears

11. Grown up Christmas List – Amy Grant (though Kelly Clarkson’s version is also fabulous)

10. Wonderful Christmas Time – Paul McCartney

9. Last Christmas – Wham

8. Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town – Bruce Springsteen

7. Step into Christmas – Elton John

6. Christmas/Sarajevo 12/24- Trans-Siberian Orchestra

5. Do They Know It’s Christmas Time- Band Aid

4. Happy Xmas (War is Over) – John Lennon f/ Yoko Ono

3. Breath of Heaven – Amy Grant

2. Snoopy’s Christmas – the Royal Guardsmen

1. And of course, the classic, the queen, the star of Christmas light, Ms. Mariah Carey, singing All I want for Christmas Is You:

Merry Christmas Eve!!



*Except for Gene Autry’s version of Up on the Housetop.  I will switch to any other station rather than listen to those creepy Ho Ho Ho’s.

PPD is the root….

Every few months, a discussion of Postpartum depression pops up in conversation in social media and in the news. Recently, it has become a hot topic, presumably because of the car chase in Washington D.C. The morning after the driver was shot and killed after trying to break down barricades of the Capitol, several nataionl news organizations blasted headlines such as “Capital Car Chase Suspect Believed to be Delusional, Emotionally Distrubed” (with the web address reading a much less dramatic “depressed…” and “Miriam Carey, Capitol Suspect, Suffered Post-Partum Depression.” I only wish I could find the cite to the news article which read something like car crash suspect had mental issues.

All weekend I was waiting for something to blow up and to turn into a warning on the DANGERS of pospartum depression. Of course, there would be sprinklings of articles of “what to watch for” and “how to help”, but the focus would be postpartum depression = stalking the President

And low and behold, I read an article published on Babble, and then on Yahoo Shine, asking the public if it’s time to take notice of pospatum depression: Woman Shot at Capitol Building Had Postpartum Depression – is it Finally Time to Take Notice?

with THIS: “Over and over, it seems that when women are involved in acts of violence, often harming their own children, PPD is the root.”

No. no no no no no no no. NOOOOOOOOOOO.

This, my friends, is why so many women do not talk about their experience with postpartum depression.

And that, my friends, is why I’m going to talk about mine.

Stay tuned….

Murder Mystery!

The only sort of murder mystery I get excited about are super cold-cases. Maybe excited isn’t the right word, but it’s a combination of intrigue and a dash of horror (certainly less horror than with current murder mysteries).
Anyhow, the Capital Region has it’s own murder mystery. A family living in a local suburban/rural area was having work done in their house. Yesterday morning, a construction worker found a bag of old bones hidden in a basement crawl space.
When the local newspaper, the Times Union, reported on it yesterday, there was a hint that it was related to a missing persons case from 1938. Today’s article shines a little more light- apparently police have uncovered a report written by a ninth grader about the missing woman and whose husband returned to his native Germany shortly after her disappearance.  It doesn’t seem like there is much to do with a case like this, but that hasn’t stopped the local police from sifting through other areas of the house.

Has your town ever had a cold-case murder mystery?

UPDATE 10/4/13:
So, no murder mystery after all. The bones were examined and turned out to be animal bones.

Disney Princesses

So I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Disney revamped Merida from BRAVE to be more sultry than how she appeared in the movie.


Showing boob and more shoulders, softening and lengthening her hair, putting her in the very type of Dress Merida hated to wear, and worst of all, robbing her of her bow and arrow!

I was happy to find out that, earlier today, the Disney Princess website replaced the revamped Merida with her original image. But I started looking at the other Princesses on the page– they’ve all be altered to look super sexy and not at all like their movie selves! 

 disney princesses

(screenshot from

After Viv went to bed, I did some further research, and saw that every single one of these princesses are revamped and extra sparkly, with fuller hair and exaggerated features.

The pictures on the left are the pictures from the Disney Princess Website; the pictures on the right are pictures of how the Characters appeared in their respective films. (Except for Rapunzel– I messed that one up, and Merida, since that is how the picture came).

Fotor0514155852 Fotor0514155743 Fotor0514155822  Fotor051415567

Personally, I think the original pictures are a million times better. In fact, the re-vamped versions look more dainty and more ornate.  Something tells me that Pocahontas wouldn’t be wearing feather earings.  And Belle’s hair tendrils would totally get in the way of her book reading.  What I hate the most is that that they lightened Rapunzel’s hair from a dirty blonde to yellow.  She looks ridiculous!

Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper

Yesterday, I had to drop by the mall to return a shirt that I had ordered online.  By the time I got out of there, it was 6:20, and I knew I wouldn’t have much time to see Viv before she went to bed.

I took the quickest route home, which in this case, didn’t involve much highway.  I was traveling along a stretch of road that comes from a large town to my small city when a little animal ran in front of my car.  I slammed on the breaks, and saw a golden long hair chihuahua-mix running on the side of the road.  While it was by no means a busy road, it is well-traveled, and not well-lit.  I did a few U-turns, trying to coax the dog to me, but it always darted in the other direction.  My high beams got a work out from me flashing all of the other cars to slow the hell down!

I watched it dash back and forth a few times, and my heart kept bursting.  Luke and Lacey have gotten out before, and while they have never been “lost”, it is a terrifying experience to have your dog running away from you.

I finally drove ahead of the dog, and pulled my car to a dead-end area where the dog was running to. The road extension runs up against a huge stone wall, and now the dog was running along the wall.  It’s obviously terrified, and started huddling in this small corner in the snow. 

I kept my distance for a bit, and tried to get the dog to come to me. no dice.  When i started to approach, it darted for a white picket fence. and tried to go through it. and got stuck.  So here I am, in a skirt, nylons, and high heels, feeling terrible b/c not only did I almost hit this dog, I have now cornered it in an attempt to save him, and now he’s stuck in a fence!

After a little pulling (and growling from him – great!), I was able to free him.  I scooped him up in my arms, and ooooh the cute! He was a chunky dog, so I knew he couldn’t be a stray (I figured this out when I got a little closer– he was well-groomed too).

I popped him in the back of my car, and he nestled right on the seat, happy as a clam.  I pulled up to our house, called the Man, and figured out a strategy.  He would put our dogs outside, and I would come in and put the dog in the bathroom.

Shortly after I came home, we called the police station non-emergency line to tell them what was going on. In our experience, the local shelters close at night, so calling animal control isn’t as practical. The Man talked to the police dispatcher, who said that someone did recently call in about a missing dog.  The description sounded similar, so we gave the police our address, and were told we would hear back.

Meanwhile, our dogs are back in the house, completely oblivious to the intruder in their house! The dog was cowering the bathroom between the tub and sink (door closed, obviously). I happened to go outside to get my purse, etc. out, see a car pull up, and a very worried man step out. we looked at each other, and he said “the dog?!”

My heart started to burst I was so happy! I told him I would be right out with him, grabbed the munchkin, and brought him outside to a VERY relieved mommy and daddy! His name was Cooper. Cooper’s mom offered us money, which we obviously refused.  We told them how we’re dog lovers, and if something like this ever happened to our pups, we’d be devastated. And then me and Cooper’s mommy hugged. haha

I felt like I was floating on air the rest of the night.  I was so thankful that all of the random deviations in my schedule (the mall, the road travelled) helped me not only make someone else happy, but to make me feel happy as well.

Thanks for visiting with us Cooper!