Visit from Harper

Remember about this time last year when my cousin Betsy came to visit with her new baby Harper?

Well, they came back this weekend! Betsy is pregnant with her second and due only 7 weeks after Baby Lafe is due.

We had a busy busy day. And naturally viv didn’t have a good nap after swim lessons. She held her own and was as active as ever!

We headed to the NYS Museum, where they have a ton of great exhibits on animals (which of course the kids love) and a toddler hands-on playroom. You may recall that we’ve been there before….

But by far the hit of the Museum is the antique carousel. Harper had never been on a carousel before and LOVED it! We were even able to try out our new double stroller!

As soon as we got back to my parents’ house, Viv and Harper both took solid naps. A perfect refresher for a delicious dinner!

Here is a photo dump for you










Now off to bed to get plenty of rest to do it again tomorrow!

Farewell 2013

Last Year, I said farewell to 2012 through my favorite pictures.

Once again, I have chosen one picture from each month, with an explanation about why each is significant. I should note that most are “favorites” for the memories they stir up, not for composition. By far the best part about this project is combing through all of the pictures I’ve taken over the last year.  I lost track of so many of them!  Enjoy!




The Man and I spent a night away in Lake George for our 5th Anniversary. It was sorely needed – one of our first date nights since Viv was born.


What I loved about the 6-9 month stage was the cuddle-nap times. Viv LOVED taking snoozes in our bed, and I was not one to say no.



Excuse my barefooted baby outside in the end of March, but it was pretty warm those days.



I had a Court appearance for work in Elmira, where my parents are from, and where my grandparents still live.  So my Dad came with me and Viv, so she could spend some time with her great-grandparents while I worked. This was one of the outtakes of the family pictures we took. I love how my Pop Pop is playing with Viv and how Mema is smiling, looking on.



Ok. hear me out.  I went to the bank one day and got this $20 from the ATM.  I laughed. and laughed. and laughed and laughed.  I hadn’t laughed at something so stupid and silly in a long time and it felt amazing.  And no. I didn’t call (though I was tempted…)



BIRTHDAY PARTY CAKE FACE! what more could be said?  Except the fact that we really weren’t equipped to clean that up….



Baby #2 is coming! I had been feeling off, so when I came home from work hopped up on baby fumes from reading all about the new baby Prince George, I figured why not? Good to know I’m in tune with my body! ha



Another week at Keuka Lake.  Our families didn’t know we were expecting again, though in retrospect, they all wondered why I would take 3 hour naps with Viv in the middle of the day.  Thankfully I hadn’t started to feel sick yet – just tired.



Around when Viv turned 14 months, she started really playing with Luke and Lacey. before, she was a little unstable crawling and walking, and they didn’t love the sudden movements. and the ear pulling.  This is when she started to get “gentle” and the pups loved it.


andria rob's wedding

My friends Andria and Rob got married. There was a photobooth. That’s all I have to say about that.



I took this with my iPhone while Viv and Lacey were cuddling/playing in her bedroom.  Can you tell that they were not pleased with my requests that they look at me for a picture?



Christmas morning. I can’t get over that look of utter amazement.  She was either yelling “DOC” or “WOW”. Either way, it’s pretty awesome.


Thanks for stopping by today! Have a safe and Happy New Year! See you in 2014!














Christmas 2013 Recap

Is it me or did Christmas go on FOREVER this year?  Even with the short season between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I felt like the shopping and festivities went on for months!  Could be the pregnancy tired talking, though.

One thing is for sure, Christmas was way way way more fun this year!  Have you ever read that Oatmeal cartoon about the different perspectives of Christmas for ages?  No doubt we’re in the Thirty-somethings with kids category. “Christmas for 30+ with kids = pretty damn awesome”

We started out spending Christmas Eve with the Man’s family, and Viv LOVED seeing all of her cousins.


She was a little tired from sitting through Mass, (oh wait. that was us. from chasing her around the halls during Mass. As always.) but cheered right up when there were presents to be opened!

xmas eve collage

Christmas Day was a day to Relax.  The Man, Viv, the pups and I stayed home. I’m proud to say we did not get out of our pajamas all day! It was glorious!


Viv loved opening her presents. Both the ripping and the the presents.

Christmas morning collage

As expected, she went just about ballistic when she opened her Doc McStuffins doll. Just a preview of Christmases to come, I hope!

After dinner (ham, potatoes, brussel sprouts) and Viv bedtime, The Man and I watched It’s a Wonderful Life.  Which luckily was available in full on YouTube– who knew?

We spent the day after Christmas with my parents (since my Dad worked on Christmas).  Viv got another new Baby and a crib– so now all three of her babies have a place to sleep a night.  (And boy, do they. she puts them all to bed, covers them with a blanket and tells us “shhhhh” when the lights go out).

xmas again collageA great Christmas indeed. But Wait! I”m not done! ON the 27th, my parent’s next door neighbors had all of the neighbors over for Christmas Brunch. For as long as I can remember, we’ve spent Christmas with my neighbors.  This was the first in recent memory where the celebration wasn’t ON Christmas, but it was just a nice.

Their granddaughter Isabella was born 4 days before Viv, and they’ve had a lot of fun playing together when they come to visit.  (like when they were infants, and babies)

Watching them run around, give kisses and hide under tables was GREAT.

photo 1 photo 2Viv and Isabella would say their favorite part was pressing all of the buttons on those singing Hallmark snowmen.

(like this. all together. all the time.)

We knew Viv took a liking to her friend.  She picks out pictures of babies anywhere, and simply calls them “baby”.  But with Isabella, she points, smiles and says “La-Le-Lellalala” I promise to post the cute as soon as I can capture it on video.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. We loved our last Christmas as a family of 3 people and two dogs. Only 51 weeks to go until Baby L’s first Christmas!!


Halloween Spooktacular 2013

As you know, my work throws a fun Halloween Party every year for the kiddos. This year, Vivian dressed as a Strawberry (though, I’ve been told it could double as a watermelon costume).  She was loving all of the “pumpks” (toddler speak for pumpkin) and ate her weight in pizza and cheese! A Happy Girl she did make.

Halloween Party Collage

On Halloween Day, Viv spent the day at my parent’s house (like every Thursday).  She even wore her special Halloween outfit from MeMe!IMG_5273_edit

New Image

The Man and I went over there after work.  I had purchased her a parrot costume from Pottery Barn Kids,  only to find that she HATED IT. We tried several times in early September, which is why we got the strawberry backup.  I figured I would try one last time.  We maybe got 3 minutes of indifferent Viv, which quickly turned into “GET THIS OFF ME!”  There’s a nice contrast between the one happy picture, and rest….

Parrot Costume Collage

The strawberry was much more acceptable to Miss Viv. We went trick or treating to two houses in my parent’s neighborhood and then went over to Grandma and Great-Grandma’s house to visit.

Strawberry Collage