Sandy can’t you see, I’m in misery?!

It’s getting real up in hur, folks. And it’s only the beginning.

The Man is home today due to cancellations.  We lost power for a short time, but it’s back on now.  Last year, during Hurricane Irene, we never lost power, but the sump pump in our basement could not keep up with the overflowing ground water, and our basement flooded a few feet in some areas.  With the exception of killing our furnace (we got a new one courtesey of our insurance company*!), the only awesome thing we lost was our Christmas tree.  We bought another one last year, and guys, I am NOT buying a new christmas tree again!  (that would be our fourth- the first was stolen from our storage unit in our former apartment, but that’s a story for another day).

 “They” (weather people, colleagues, The Man) are saying this is less of a rain issue and more of a wind issue.  Let’s hope “they” are right, cause Sandy is looking a lot more menacing than Irene.


 Over and out folks.

 *Of course, the new furnace wasn’t covered by the lovely (expensive) flood insurance our government/mortgagor requries us to keep b/c we live in an antiquated flood zone. No, that only covers water that comes through the windows!

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Today was one of those days where I felt like there wasn’t much time, but I really didn’t do that much.

The family slept late today. When I woke up at 8:30 am, Luke and Vivian were still sleeping. I was able to shower and get ready before WAKING Vivi up at 9:40!! Then Vivian and I ran some secret errands around lunch (more on that sometime soon), and got home around 2:45 pm. Viv had napped intermittently throughout the day, but I figured she needed something solid (meaning I needed a nap too). Unfortunately, she wasn’t having it, so my wonderful hubs stepped in and played with her while I napped for THREE HOURS! I think work is really cutting into my afternoon nap time.

Then dinner, a few loads of laundry and HOLY MOLY! I have to write my blog post!

cue writers block. So I go to the NaBloPoMo prompts, scroll down to October 6th and……. nothing. So didn’t know this challenge was only for weekdays. Well look at me being all fancy.

So not only do I not feel guilty for giving you a rambling, totally nonsensical post, technically it counts as extra credit :)

The Best Room

When we bought our house in 2008, it was advertised as a 3 bedroom.  Right at the top of the stairs was a very small, short second room (#2).  To the left of the stairs was the front room (#1).  Through that was a door leading to a third small, but slightly longer room (#3).  A maze, I tell you! For the first two years, the the second bedroom was basically a dumping ground for tools, boxes, and other crap. The third was a closet for Bob with more storage. I should also mention that the first bedroom had only one closet – MINE!

In early 2010, we had enough of the useless back bedrooms, and tore down the wall that divided them, cleaned up the walls, and put down new floors.

(View of the new combined 2nd and 3rd bedrooms standing from door at top of the stairs, before the new floors were put in).

When we found out a baby was coming, that room was the obvious (and only!) choice for a nursery.  This spring, we squared off the room to include a closet for the nursery and one for Bob off our bedroom! yah!

I left the wall color choosing to Bob, since I am notoriously terrible at it.  He found a dark blue-grey for the shorter walls, and we debated painting the longer walls orange.  Instead, I found a nice yellow that wasn’t too “babyish”, and that matched the blue-grey well.  Since I don’t loathe painting, I took to it one April weekend. (and Yes, the doctor said that was A-OK, as long as the room was ventilated)

I had a fantastic time stalking Project Nursery and Pinterest for ideas for the nursery. And given my terrible visual-spacial intelligence, I even created a to-scale drawing of the room, on homemade graph paper, with little cut outs of the furniture. Listen- Bob was at school a lot, and there are only so many episodes of Charmed a girl can watch!

We used a lot of furniture we already had. The chair and ottoman used to be in our living room, the dresser was mine from when I was a teenager.  We were given the swing, bassinet, and changing table from friends and family.  The only thing left was to choose and order a crib (which was a gift from my paternal grandparents, Mema/GG and Pop Pop).

Stylistically, we weren’t too picky.  With Bob’s background in furniture, he was more knowlegable on construction and value (including what most of the items in the bigger stores cost wholesale).  We settled on a Baby’s Dream crib from Huck Finn Baby. It was special ordered, but was ready for pick up in only a few weeks. It seriously took half an hour to assemble!

(This is basically what the crib section of the room looked like when Viv arrived.  The other side of the room was filled with insulation for the attic).

After Vivian was born, progress on the nursery stopped for a while. Somehow, we just found we didn’t have as much free time as before….  We had purchased picture ledges to hold her books- an idea I found on Pinterest.  And a 16×20 canvas print was included in the price of her newborn photos.

This weekend, we FINALLY got our act together enough to take the half hour to hang the picture and shelves, and clean up the nursery. I am really happy with how it turned out- colorful, fun, and practical.  Definitely the best room in the house!